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Mousserende vin

ProduktionMousserende vin fremstilles ved hjælp af en anden-gæring. En blanding af sukker og gær (tiragen) tilsættes til basisvinene (cuvée), så en anden fermentering kan opstå. Kuldioxiden, som


Changing Fate in the Wallhäuser Johannisberg SiteAlthough Johanisberg has long been recognized as a top site in the Nahe wine-growing region, it has suffered the fate of many a steep,


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… the Stromburg castle – rooms decorated with flair, a Michelin-starred restaurant and a less formal, cozy…

Weinbar Rutz

… Rutz head chef Marco Müller serves up innovative Michelin-starred cuisine together with excellent…

Nobelhart und Schmutzig

… simply nothing functions as you know it from other Michelin-starred restaurants: Seated in small groups around…

Vinoplevelser i Berlin

… fashionable steder i byen, men også verdensklasse Michelin-restauranter.Berlin har uden tvivl en ung og…


… as a popular German generic wine (cf. Piesporter Michelsberg, Niersteiner Gutes Domtal). While these…