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Statistik 2012 2013

Statistik 2012 2013Statistik 2012 2013 Statistik 2012 2013 Statistik 2012 2013 Statistik 2012 2013 Statistik 2012 2013 Statistik 2012 2013 Statistik 2012 2013 Statistik 2012 2013 Statistik 2012 2013  


...and the FutureUntil the 1980s, the Südliche Weinstrasse  (Southern Wine Road, from Neustadt to the French border) was often associated with quantity rather than quality, and the  


The vineyard area today is but a fraction of its medieval size. Vineyard consolidation in the 1970s helped improve efficiency, yet vineyard maintenance and harvesting still require a great deal of  

Homburger Kallmuth

Origins and OwnersThe name Kallmuth derives from the Celtic “calemont” – “kahler Berg” or “barren hill.” It is assumed that it was first planted with vines by Benedictine monks in the 9th century.  

Mousserende vin

ProduktionMousserende vin fremstilles ved hjælp af en anden-gæring. En blanding af sukker og gær (tiragen) tilsættes til basisvinene (cuvée), så en anden fermentering kan opstå. Kuldioxiden, som  


Changing Fate in the Wallhäuser Johannisberg SiteAlthough Johanisberg has long been recognized as a top site in the Nahe wine-growing region, it has suffered the fate of many a steep,  


2016 Werbemittel Promotional Materials I n h a lt / C o n t e n t s INHALT / CONTENTS 3 VORWORT / PREFACE 4 WEIN & TOURISMUS / WINE & TOURISM 5 REISEN & WANDERN / TRAVEL & HIKIN G 6 DEUTSCHER  

Høstrapport 2020

Årgang 2020 var for de fleste tyske vinområder præget af et intenst, varmt og ‘turboladet’ efterår. “Især de røde druer nød det varme vejr. Der er store forventninger til alle områders rødvine, som  


ochsle THE MAGAZINE OF THE GERMAN WINE INSTITUTE Travel & Enjoyment Overview of all German wine growing regions EXPERIENCE WINE Wine knowledge TIPS FOR THE ACTIVE All you need to know from Ahr  

Weingut Engler

Weingut EnglerWeingut Engler has made its home in the town of Müllheim since 1892. Under the leadership of Andrea Engler-Waibel, the estate has made a Markgräfler specialty, the Gutedel, into its