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…s” and named “shooting star of 2006” by the German wine guide Gault Millau – cultivates 30-year-old Riesling vines. The lime-rich marl yields smooth, full-bodied Rieslngs with a moderate acidity.Becker is…  


… can “devour” the crop. Nevertheless, the estate treasures the site, most of which is planted with Riesling; 0.3 ha (3/4 of an acre) with Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc). A predominantly southern exposure and…  

Svampetur og vinsmagning – de glemte tyske druer

… positivt, må det være Silvaneren fra Leipold i Franken. Generelt set var det meget fedt at smage andet en Riesling fra Tyskland. Det giver forhåbninger til den nye fremadstormende generation, der også laver vin på…  


… 85.6% · rød 14.4%] (2003): Müller-Thurgau (36.1%), Silvaner (20.7%), Bacchus (12.4%) samt Kerner, Riesling, Spätburgunder, Scheurebe og et lille omfang af specialiteten Rieslaner, en hvid…  

Homburger Kallmuth

… of which ca. 8 ha/20 acres are productive. It is planted primarily with Silvaner and Riesling grapes, supplemented by small quantities of the rarity Rieslaner (Silvaner x Riesling  

Niersteiner Glöck: The oldest vineyard site of Germany

… the owner of the "Glöck" which is only 2,1 hectares big. On the famous grounds, today mainly Riesling and Gewürztraminer grow. The wines are marked by their balance of fruitiness and taste of minerals,…  

Mayschoss-Altenahr: Cradle of Wine-growers' Cooperatives

… of which are Pinot Noir – not surprising in a region known primarily for red wine – and 20 percent, Riesling. With an average annual production of one million liters, the cooperative numbers among Germany’s…  

Weingut L. Bastian

… contain primarily Spätburgunder, Grauer Burgunder, Weißer Burgunder, as well as Müller-Thurgau, Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Muskateller and Saint Laurent.When great-grandson Neymeyer joined the family…  

Meier Weinerlebnis. Vinothek

… as one of the three best Franken reds.His varietals break down into Silvaner (30 percent), Riesling (18 percent), and Weißburgunder, Scheurebe and delicately fruity wines (35 percent), and then a bit…  

Weingut Eppelmann

… are most visible. The grapes thrive on 19 hectares of vineyards. The key varieties are Riesling and the complete Pinot family (Weißer Burgunder, Grauer Burgunder, Frühburgunder, Spätburgunder,…