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Weingut Matthias Müller

Weingut Matthias MüllerSpay am Mittelrhein is in the heart of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, designated as a World Cultural Heritage site in 2002 by UNESCO. The winegrowing tradition is old here,  

Schmidt Z&KO

Schmitt Z&KOSchmidt Z&Co also runs under the name Vinophil Genusswerkstatt (“Epicurian Workshop for Lovers of Fine Wine”) but that sounds a bit pretentious. But those who have had the chance  

Winemarket Goes German - smag flere end 200 tyske vine

Sammen med Winelab.dk inviterer Wines of Germany den 20. maj til kæmpe vinsmagning i Ridehuset i Aarhus med lutter vine fra vores sydlige nabo.For 100 år siden leverede Tyskland nogle af verdens  

Tysk vin i Pressen, Politikens Hus d. 26. oktober 2017

I år afholder Wines of Germany Danmark for første gang en 1-dags festival i Pressen, Politikens Hus i København med fokus på tyske vine. Her kan du smage på flere end 200 tyske vine.Tyskland har på  

Elisabethenberg and Olgaberg

Twiel – the RockThe not unlike their weathered slate counterparts (e.g. Ahr, Mosel and Mittelrhein valleys) in terms of their ability to quickly absorb heat during the day and gently release it  

Ekspertpanel kårer de 30 bedste tyske vine på det danske marked

Et panel af danske vineksperter har netop kåret de 30 bedste tyske vine på det danske marked. Kåringen fandt sted via en blindsmagning, som danske vinimportører har haft mulighed for at indsende vine  


Tips for TouristsEdiger is picturesque wine village full of 16th-18th-century half-timbered houses nestled within the remnants of the 14th-century town wall. St. Martin’s Church (11th–16th  


German Wines At a Glance Auf-einen-Blick_GB2.indd 1 29.12.15 12:43 2 the best of the modern and traditional The innovative wines and sophisticated packages emanating from Germany today please  


The first Flurbereinigung (vineyard consolidation and reorganization to improve maintenance efficiency) in the region took place here in the early 1980s. New, sandy paths through the  


2016/2017 Deutscher Wein Statistik 2 V o rw o rt Weinmarkt 2015 Mit insgesamt rund 8,9 Millionen Hektolitern lag die bundesweite Erntemenge vier Prozent unter der des Vorjahres und zwei Prozent