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PortugieserPortugieser er en meget gammel druesort, der formentlig opstod i Donau-dalen og ikke Portugal, som man måske skulle tro.Denne frugtige drue modner tidligt og giver milde og lyse vine,  

MASTER CLASS den 7. september i Salen, Pressen Hus

Overskriften var Pinot Paradise "Mellem Coolness og Yppighed", og vinene levede til fulde op til hvert et ord, da Wines of Germany holdt master class med René Langdahl Jørgensen ved roret.René  

The Roman Wine Press of Piesport: Where the Romans trod upon Moselfruits

… valley around the year 50 before Christ, only decades later, Augusta Treverorum, the city of Trier, rose to become the center of Roman culture on the Mosel and later, even the capital of the Western Roman…  

Vindere 2019 af MUNDUS VINI NORDIC – The Grand Wine Award for German Wines

MUNDUS VINI NORDIC, The Grand Wine Award for German Wines, blev afholdt i Skuespilhuset i København i juni. Se de 11 vinderproducenter, hvis vine løb med guldmedaljer og højeste bedømmelse ved MUNDUS  

Rhodt unter Rietburg: Oldest Vineyard with Original Grapevines

… veterans of viticultural history: More than 400 years old, the grapevines from the "Rhodter Rosengarten" have not only survived the centuries but still bear fruit every year. The vineyard in the…  

Weingut J. Neus

…Ingelheim's reds have been famous for centuries, and Josef Neus rose here as one of the "Kings of Red Wine." Neus was born on the Mosel, but came to Ober-Ingelheim in 1881, opened a wine store and soon…  

Vineyard Site Liebfrauenstift: As far as the Tower's Shadow reaches

… here. Right in between the vineyards, however, the catholic parish church of "Liebfrauen" rose - a small gothic basilica that seemed to have sprung right from a textbook with its twin tower façade,…  

Weingut Schuh

Weingut Schuh1990 was a year of change, as Germany rejoined East and West and 35-year-old Walter Schuh left the Mosel Valley to start his wine estate in a small village called Sörnewitz on the  

WeinKulturgut Longen-Schlöder

WeinKulturgut Longen-SchlöderMarkus Longen and his wife Sabine took the helm at his parents' winegrowing estate in 1999. The pair carefully assessed their future prospects as Mosel winegrowers — and  

Viniversum der Bergsträßer Winzer

Viniversum der Bergsträßer WinzerHeppenheim houses a brilliant highlight of the Bergstraße: Viniversum, the new vinothek from the Bergstraße Winegrowers, a cooperative cultivating 264 hectares under