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Elisabethenberg and Olgaberg

… Viticultural TraditionVines have been cultivated in the Bodensee and Hegau districts of southern Baden for at least as long ago as Roman times. At the hand of the Franks and later, the church and the…  


… (mostvægt) på 5% (44o Oechsle) i klimazone A (alle tyske vinproducerende regioner med undtagelse af Baden) og 6% (50o Oechsle) i klimazone B (Baden). skal opretholde et alkoholindhold på minimum 8,5% i zone A…  

Viniversum der Bergsträßer Winzer

… as the Starkenburger Winzerverein. Today it is home to 399 winegrower families along the Hessen and Baden Bergstraßen, with 264 hectares under vine in 16 individual vineyard sites.Starkenburg Castle, which…  

Weingut Weber

… for a bit more substantial fare will enjoy the estate's own restaurant, with fine dishes from the Baden region.  

Weingüter Singer & Bader

… their attention-grabbing vinothek in September 2014, and quickly earned first place in the 2015 Baden-Württemberg Young Winegrower Competition in the category of "Wine Program and Wine Events."…  

Sommelier Karin Visth, KOKS — Q+A om tysk vin

…og fokuserer på. Lige nu er jeg optaget af Pfalz – særligt deres tørre Großes Gewächs Riesling, men også Baden med de lidt mere kraftige Spätburgundere er jeg betaget af.Hvilket tysk vinområde er undervurderet…  


… The hilly vineyards lining the route belong to both the Hessische Bergstrasse (northern stretch) and Baden (southern portion) wine-growing regions. This month’s famous site, Kalkgasse (literally, chalk…  

Høstrapport 2020

… stort set gennemsnitsniveauet for området, mens det andet store område, Pfalz, fik en stigning på 6 procent. Baden og Württemberg estimerer et fald i høstmængden på ti procent. Ahr (562 hektar)"Vinåret 2020…  

Høstrapport fra Tysklands 13 vinregioner

… volume is estimated at 55,000 hectolitres – in 2017 there had only been 38,000 hectolitres.Baden: (15,834 ha)Baden is Germany´s warmest wine region. Perhaps the vines there were better adapted to…  


… the world. Red wine fans: mid-October GWA....tour red-wine country in Württemberg, Baden, and the southern Pfalz.)Today’s village of Forst (meaning “forest”) was ceded in a deed of…