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Homburger Kallmuth

… with vineyards and orchards. The wines of three regions can be found along the Tauber: Franken, Baden and Württemberg. After a series of loops just south of Wertheim, the Tauber flows upstream to Bad…  


… Forest east of the Rhine, in the Hessische Bergstrasse region) and the Schwarzwald (Black Forest in Baden). On a clear day, it’s possible to see the silhouettes of the cathedral in Speyer (a UNESCO World…  

Koenig Johann Berg

… of crossed terraced vineyards in Germany, three quarters of which are in the Ortenau district of Baden. In addition to the König Johann Berg, a few Mosel vineyards (in Pommern and the Koblenz suburb of…  


… N A L PA N O R A M A POSTERS Format / Size: 59,4 x 42 cm (DIN A2) Ahr Bestell-Nr. / Order No.: 9385 Baden Bestell-Nr. / Order No.: 9386 Franken Bestell-Nr. / Order No.: 9387 Hessische Bergstraße Bestell-Nr.…  


… have the greatest economic importance and market about 80 percent of the wines: the regions Baden and Württemberg. Nationwide around one third of Germany’s vineyard areas are farmed by cooperative…  


… som bedst nydes, mens de er unge. I Tyskland er druesorten næsten udelukkende beplantet i Badens sydligste distrikt, Markgräflerland.     

Weingut Engler

… a number of sites: Reggenhag, Pfaffenstück and Sonnhalde, as well as the steep and stony Römerberg in Badenweiler. Weingut Engler's flagship wine is a Markgräfler specialty called Gutedel. At the traditional…