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Seværdigheder i vinregionerne

They measure the progress of time throughout the day and they are as old as mankind: Up to the beginning of the 19th century, sundials were the yery synonym for watches – since there were no others.  

Selbstbewusst und zukunftsweisend – die Weinwerkstatt im alten Weindorf

Selbstbewusst und zukunftsweisend – die Weinwerkstatt im alten WeindorfDer Lubentiushof in Niederfell an der Mosel geht auf eine im Jahre 1711 gegründete Kellerei der Fürsten von der Leyen zurück.  

Weingut Regnery

Weingut RegneryWhen Peter Regnery and his wife Andrea first decided to build a new vinothek on their Klüsserath estate, they knew what they didn't want from the design: "Not too many  


Mosel cruises, May through October:www.moselfahrplan.de www.moselschifffahrt.deLarge wine festival (with parade) celebrating “Zeller Schwarze Katz” in late June.To explore this section of the  

The Calmont Vineyard: Where the Rock itself gives birth to Wine

The Calmont Vineyard: Where the Rock itself gives birth to WineThere's no steeper slope even along the Mosel: With a gradient of up to 60 percent, the Calmont is the steepest sloped vineyard in all  


KernerI dag er kerner den mest beplantede ny-krydsningssort i Tyskland og står for cirka 7 procent af de vindyrkede områder. Druesorten, der blev skabt i Württemberg, er en blanding af sorterne  


Weinland Nahe e.V.Burgenlandstr. 7 55543 Bad KreuznachTel: +49 671 83 40 50 Fax: +49 671 83 40 52 5www.weinland-nahe.de info@weinland-nahe.deOverblik NaheGeografisk beliggenhed: I  

Weingut J. Neus

Weingut J. NeusIngelheim's reds have been famous for centuries, and Josef Neus rose here as one of the "Kings of Red Wine." Neus was born on the Mosel, but came to Ober-Ingelheim in 1881,  


Not for nothing is the 4th-century missionary St. Lubentius, whose Latin name means the willing, the namesake of a wine estate that has been willing to go to these efforts since 1994,  


Tips for TouristsEdiger is picturesque wine village full of 16th-18th-century half-timbered houses nestled within the remnants of the 14th-century town wall. St. Martin’s Church (11th–16th