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Seværdigheder i vinregionerne

… the wine cellar reach back to the year 330 when two big storehouses stood on the banks of the river Mosel, called "horreas" by the Romans. Here, wine was stored which had been brought upstream,…  

WeinKulturgut Longen-Schlöder

… at his parents' winegrowing estate in 1999. The pair carefully assessed their future prospects as Mosel winegrowers — and decided to start over.  


… vin takket være dens høje syreindhold. I Tyskland er druesorten hovedsageligt beplantet i Obermosel-distriktet i Mosel-Saar-Ruwer.  

Rebenhof Riesling Manufaktur

…The Middle Mosel Valley resembles a "Grand Canyon of Riesling." If this white wine grape has its true home anywhere, it would be on this picturesque 120-km stretch of land.  

Weingüter Rolf Gansen/Karl Andries

…For generations, the Gansens and the Andries each owned one of the most well-known wineries on the Mosel, in the popular tourist destination of Ernst, east of Cochem.  

Weingut Pauly

…Travel through this idyllic stretch of the Middle Mosel region and you're likely to strike upon the newly built, 70-square-meter vinothek from the Pauly family. It serves as the public face for a fine business run by…  

Weingut Leo Fuchs

…The historic Mosel winery at Weingut Leo Fuchs dates back to the 18th century, but was transformed during a 2005 renovation into an open and inviting vinothek. It has quickly become a beloved meeting point for gourmets…  

ECOVIN-smagning den 12. november

… vinproducenter fra Tyskland og blev grundlagt i 1985 af 35 producenter fra Rheinhessen, Pfalz, Mosel og Baden.  


… De fleste beplantninger af sorten findes i regionerne Rheinhessen og Pfalz, men den dyrkes også i Mosel-Saar-Ruwer regionen samt i Franken, hvor den blev skabt.    

Søren Frank giver seks stjerner til tysk Pinot Noir

… 2019 Voyage Voyage - Sven Leiner, Pfalz (Volatil) | 4 af 6 stjerner 2018 Red Light - Stein, Mosel (Krone Vin) | 4 af 6 stjerner 2018 Redvolution - Stein, Mosel (Krone Vin) | 4 af 6 stjerner 2017…