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… rock formations, often cliff-like and slaty – and appears in many vineyard names in the Mittelrhein, Ahr and Mosel regions. Perhaps the most legendary “Ley” designation is in St. Goarshausen, “Loreley Edel” – named…  


… u München na Freiburg Salzburg Kempten Basel Hof Bayreuth M Trier Chemnitz Suhl Wiesbaden MOSEL Dresden Gera MITTELRHEIN AHR Erfurt Siegen SACHSEN Leipzig Düsseldorf Konstanz Bregenz …  

Elisabethenberg and Olgaberg

…Twiel – the RockThe not unlike their weathered slate counterparts (e.g. Ahr, Mosel and Mittelrhein valleys) in terms of their ability to quickly absorb heat during the day and gently release it during the night,…  


… 9387 Hessische Bergstraße Bestell-Nr. / Order No.: 9388 Mittelrhein Bestell-Nr. / Order No.: 9389 Mosel Bestell-Nr. / Order No.: 9390 We r b e m i t t e l 2 0 1 6 / P r o m o t i o n a l M a t e r i a l s …  


… in e C o u ntry G E R M A N Y Welcome to Zeitgeist then and now: Lubentiushof winery in Niederfell, Mosel W e l com e to W in e C o u ntry G E R M A N Y wine country Germany 36 7 35 8 W e l com e to W…  

Ekspertpanel kårer de 30 bedste tyske vine på det danske marked

… Propperiet Vin Import: Weingut Schmitges, 2017 Grauschiefer, pris: 119 kroner A/S Skjold Burne: Moselland, 2016 Moselland Riesling Kabinett Halbtrocken, pris: 79,75 kroner A/S Skjold Burne: Moselland,…