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Riesling & Co. i Skuespilhuset i København den 29. marts 2017

… - FrankenWeingut Stephan Kohl - MoselWeingut Thanisch - MoselWeingut Michel - NaheWein- und Sektgut Bamberger - NaheWeingut Ritter - NaheWeingut Jakob Schneider - NaheWeingut Udo Weber -…  

ECOVIN-smagning den 12. november

… Lay - BadenWeingut Hemer – das Bioweingut - RheinhessenWeingut Ernst Hoffmann - MoselWein- und Sektgut Harteneck - BadenECOVIN-smagningen finder sted på Restaurant Höst, Nørre Farimagsgade 41,…  

Wein- und Sektgut Barth

…Wein- und Sektgut BarthThe Barth Family unveiled their estate's new 100 square meter vinothek in November 2014. Not long after opening their creation in Hattenheim, on the north bank of the Rhine, the coveted…  

Genossenschaftskellerei Heilbronn-Erlenbach-Weinsberg

… and to enjoy. It's a place where 300 different treasures await discovery — 300 different wines, Sekts and seccos broken down by variety along the oak shelves. A place that awakens thirst and desire for…  

Gut Hermannsberg

… advantage of the exposition and composition of their outstanding sites. In 2014, two fine sparkling Sekts produced using the traditional bottle fermentation method were added to the portfolio.One romantic…