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Weingut Schuh

Weingut Schuh1990 was a year of change, as Germany rejoined East and West and 35-year-old Walter Schuh left the Mosel Valley to start his wine estate in a small village called Sörnewitz on the  

Weingut Holz Weisbrodt

Weingut Holz WeisbrodtFrom the first moment that Helga and Willibald Weisbrodt took over the estate in 1972, they also dreamed of having their own restaurant. That dream came true in 1985 with the  

Weingut Ludger Veit

Weingut Ludger VeitFew places offer a more stunning view of the wildly attractive Mosel Valley landscapes than the vinothek of Ludger Veit. Few places offer a more stunning view of the wildly  

Weingut Reiss

Weingut ReissHikes with Martina Reiss are a true experience. You may find yourself out in the famous "Würzberger Stein" vineyard, with a fantastic panoramic view of the city of  

Weingut Josef Köhr

Weingut Josef KöhrIt's been over 40 years since Josef Köhr took over this family-run estate with a history stretching back 300 years. It's located on the western edge of the hills that ring the  

Weingut Emmerich-Koebernik

Weingut Emmerich-KoebernikThe Emmerich-Koebernik family has for centuries pursued the winegrower life amidst the Rhine slate mountains that shape the wild landscape of the Nahe. It's a striking  

Weingut Ökonomierat Isler

Weingut Ökonomierat IslerThe vinothek owned by Helmut and Christel Isler is certainly easy to find these days. While it was a bit off the beaten track up until a few years ago, the married  

Weingut Wasem

Weingut WasemOne absolute must in Ingelheim is an excursion to the former 13th century Cistercian Monastery. A historical monument that has been brought back to life through the dedication of the  

Weingut Espenhof

Weingut EspenhofIt came as a complete, but wonderful, surprise to his parents when Nico Espenschied revealed his career plans. Given that he had already finished his university admission exams,  

Weingut Behringer

Weingut BehringerIt all began with seven loaves of bread. That was the price posed to the Behringers in 1634 for the right to take over the "Zur Krone" guest house on the marketplace of