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Eckelsheim: Weingasthaus im Kulturhof. Carola and Axel Greiner extend a warm welcome and serve creative, seasonal dishes with a Mediterranean accent –or– simply stop in for a glass of local wine  

Tyske Pinot Blanc-vine er eksperternes favoritter

Tre vineksperter har blindsmagt 43 forskellige vine på Pinot Blanc.En spændende smagning med Pinot Blanc, som mange producenter er begyndt at give længere skindkontakt og ekstraktion for at  

Sektgut Hubertus Triebe

Sektgut Hubertus TriebeWein- und Sektgut Hubertus Triebe stands in Schnaudertal near Zeitz, an area best known for Schloss Moritzburg. Active viticulture stopped here in the Middle Ages, so its  

Homburger Kallmuth

Origins and OwnersThe name Kallmuth derives from the Celtic “calemont” – “kahler Berg” or “barren hill.” It is assumed that it was first planted with vines by Benedictine monks in the 9th century.  


Changing Fate in the Wallhäuser Johannisberg SiteAlthough Johanisberg has long been recognized as a top site in the Nahe wine-growing region, it has suffered the fate of many a steep,  

Elisabethenberg and Olgaberg

Twiel – the RockThe not unlike their weathered slate counterparts (e.g. Ahr, Mosel and Mittelrhein valleys) in terms of their ability to quickly absorb heat during the day and gently release it  

Riesling Week rammer Danmark den 25. maj - 3. juni 2018

Fra den 25. maj – 3. juni vil riesling være på alle vinelskeres læber, når Wines of Germany Danmark sammen med restauratører, vinbarer, vinforhandlere, supermarkeder og meget andet fejrer den 8.  


Kastanienbusch, recorded in 1803 as “Im Kästenbusch” and in 1836 as “Kästen-Busch,” is about 80 ha/nearly 200 acres in size. It has a south-southeastern exposure and lies in a natural hollow at the  

Koenig Johann Berg

This month’s famous site – König Johann Berg (literally, King John’s Hill) – is an example of an abandoned vineyard that is in the process of being reborn. It is situated south of Saarburg, on a  


German Wines At a Glance Auf-einen-Blick_GB2.indd 1 29.12.15 12:43 2 the best of the modern and traditional The innovative wines and sophisticated packages emanating from Germany today please