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The Calmont Vineyard: Where the Rock itself gives birth to Wine

…There's no steeper slope even along the Mosel: With a gradient of up to 60 percent, the Calmont is the steepest sloped vineyard in all Europe. The hill with a height of 290 metres, rising between Bremm and Ediger-Eller,…  


… i videst udstrækning er beplantet med kerner, findes i regionerne Pfalz, Rheinhessen, Württemberg og Mosel-Saar-Ruwer.     


… NaheGeografisk beliggenhed: I Hunsrück bakkerne mellem Rhinen og Mosel dalene. Vinmarkerne er her beliggende på eller nær bredden af Nahe-floden og dens bifloder, Glan og…  

Weingut J. Neus

… and Josef Neus rose here as one of the "Kings of Red Wine." Neus was born on the Mosel, but came to Ober-Ingelheim in 1881, opened a wine store and soon thereafter began with his own…  


… 11 November until Christmas – is Gänsebraten (roast goose). Its “vinous counterpart” stems from the Terrassenmosel vineyard Gäns (literally, geese) in Kobern-Gondorf, one of the steep, terraced sites some 17 km/11…  


… meaning Passover or Easter – is deeply rooted in tradition, as is wine culture.How, then, did a Mosel vineyard site, located midway between Cochem and Zell in the village of Ediger, acquire the…  

Villa Weilberg with Wine Press: Wine Making like the Romans

… The wine press with its building is the only one of that kind between Southern Palatinate and the Mosel.  

Weingut Schuh

…1990 was a year of change, as Germany rejoined East and West and 35-year-old Walter Schuh left the Mosel Valley to start his wine estate in a small village called Sörnewitz on the Elbe.  

The Open-Air Museum of Bad Sobernheim: The living history of viticulture

… history.Several old wine grower's houses, stemming from communities like Zell-Merl or Ürzig on the Mosel or from nearby Weinsheim on the Nahe river, bring to live for visitors the life of wine growers from…  

Høsten af tysk isvin er i gang

Deutsche Weinprinzessin Christina Schneider freut sich über die erste Eisweinernte in diesem Jahr bei -9,7° C … af de frosne druer i de fleste af Tysklands vinregioner. Således har vinproducenter i regioner som Mosel, Nahe, Pfalz, Franken og Rheinhessen de seneste nætter fundet arbejdshandskerne frem for at sikre…