Klosterhof Weinvertriebs OHG

A majestic and distinctive panorama opens up around Weingut Schwedhelm, situated on the highest point of the Zellertal, well outside the community boundaries. read more

Schlossgut Janson

When they ordered a full renovation of the vinothek in early 2014, one priority was to establish a uniform style. It was important to blend in well with the historic estate's overall look and feel. read more

Weingut Fritz Walter

Many people in the Pfalz hear 'Fritz Walter' and think of the outstanding football player from this region, butthere's also an outstanding winegrower by the same name: Fritz Walter, who founded his estate in 1832 in Niederhorbach.
read more

Weingut Holz Weisbrodt

From the first moment that Helga and Willibald Weisbrodt took over the estate in 1972, they also dreamed of having their own restaurant. That dream came true in 1985 with the opening of the "Stammhaus."  read more

Weingut Josef Köhr

It's been over 40 years since Josef Köhr took over this family-run estate with a history stretching back 300 years. It's located on the western edge of the hills that ring the Rhine rift, with a side-by-side mix of soil types that ensures tremendous diversity in the wines.  read more