Weingut Schneider - Mirjam Schneider

For Mirjam, there was never any question in her mind that she would someday be a winemaker. As a child, she spent much time in the vineyards, learning all aspects of viticulture at her father's side. read more

Weingut Wasem

One absolute must in Ingelheim is an excursion to the former 13th century Cistercian Monastery. A historical monument that has been brought back to life through the dedication of the Wasem family. read more

Weingut Wolfgang und René Peth

The "VinoPeth" vinothek was created from a former cow stall back in 2011. The space had already once hosted a wine tasting room during 1976. read more

Weingüter Willems & Hofmann

Bright and modern, tailored entirely to their entirely personal tastes: the new vinothek in a Bauhaus style represents the fulfillment of a dream for Carolin and Jürgen Hofmann. It is a place to be at ease and for shared exploration. read more

Sektgut Hubertus Triebe

Wein- und Sektgut Hubertus Triebe stands in Schnaudertal near Zeitz, an area best known for Schloss Moritzburg. Active viticulture stopped here in the Middle Ages, so its resumption in 1999 represented a historic moment for the region. read more