Weingut Schuh

1990 was a year of change, as Germany rejoined East and West and 35-year-old Walter Schuh left the Mosel Valley to start his wine estate in a small village called Sörnewitz on the Elbe. read more

Genossenschaftskellerei Heilbronn-Erlenbach-Weinsberg

The "Wein-Schatzkeller" from the Weingenossenschaftskellerei Heilbronn opened in May 2015 to immediate acclaim as an architectural jewel, with an airy feel that invites guests to relax and try new things, to explore and enjoy. read more

Weingut Bihlmayer

The Bihlmayers have applied tremendous love and devotion to the furnishing of their vinothek, which opened in 2015 after a year of construction. It's a bright space with sandstone-colored floors and large windows. read more

Weingüter Singer & Bader

The "wine basket" catches every eye as it comes into view: a large trellised structure of wood and steel covering the three-story house like a second skin — a modern interpretation and architectural wordplay on the town name. read more

Weinkonvent Dürrenzimmern

The strength of the church's influence in Zabergäu can be seen in the completely rebuilt vinothek, which was first opened in 2015. With a powerful barrel vault and imposing portals, it almost resembles a sacred building. read more