Weingut Wolfgang und René Peth

The "VinoPeth" vinothek was created from a former cow stall back in 2011. The space had already once hosted a wine tasting room during 1976. read more

Weingüter Willems & Hofmann

Bright and modern, tailored entirely to their entirely personal tastes: the new vinothek in a Bauhaus style represents the fulfillment of a dream for Carolin and Jürgen Hofmann. It is a place to be at ease and for shared exploration. read more

Weingut Matthias Müller

Spay am Mittelrhein is in the heart of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, designated as a World Cultural Heritage site in 2002 by UNESCO. The winegrowing tradition is old here, and Weingut Müller has been part of it for 300 years. read more

Rebenhof Riesling Manufaktur

The Middle Mosel Valley resembles a "Grand Canyon of Riesling." If this white wine grape has its true home anywhere, it would be on this picturesque 120-km stretch of land. read more

Weingut Leo Fuchs

The historic Mosel winery at Weingut Leo Fuchs dates back to the 18th century, but was transformed during a 2005 renovation into an open and inviting vinothek. It has quickly become a beloved meeting point for gourmets and a local treasure. read more