Weingut Ludger Veit

Few places offer a more stunning view of the wildly attractive Mosel Valley landscapes than the vinothek of Ludger Veit.  read more

Weingut Pauly

Travel through this idyllic stretch of the Middle Mosel region and you're likely to strike upon the newly built, 70-square-meter vinothek from the Pauly family. It serves as the public face for a fine business run by Axel Pauly and his wife Sabrina.  read more

Weingut Regnery

When Peter Regnery and his wife Andrea first decided to build a new vinothek on their Klüsserath estate, they knew what they didn't want from the design: "Not too many angles."  read more

Weingüter Rolf Gansen/Karl Andries

For generations, the Gansens and the Andries each owned one of the most well-known wineries on the Mosel, in the popular tourist destination of Ernst, east of Cochem. read more

WeinKulturgut Longen-Schlöder

Markus Longen and his wife Sabine took the helm at his parents' winegrowing estate in 1999. The pair carefully assessed their future prospects as Mosel winegrowers — and decided to start over. read more